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WEBINAR: The future of remote work: What to expect and how to prepare

On June 10, 2020, EdCast Marketplace along with industry experts from Traliant and Vado hosted a webinar on the challenges of remote work, and shared a clear action plan for nurturing a healthy and productive organizational culture while teams work from home (WFH). In this webinar, our speakers discussed:

  • How rapidly remote is work evolving and what does the future of WFH look like
  • What kind of demands and challenges can this new work culture present to organizations
  • How L&D can be leveraged to effectively manage these demands and help organizations grow

Our speaker included, industry experts:

  • Andrew Dawson, CLO and Co-founder | Traliant
  • Cindy Pascale, CEO and Co-founder | Vado

And moderator:

  • Anja Deelen, Head of Marketplace Growth | EdCast

Click here to view the slides for the webinar.

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